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Antique leather trunk handles
Leather handles, slotted and unslotted
Antique trunk leather handles
Cap style handle loops replacement hardware
 Steel trunk handles
Handle Loops
and Caps
Steel Trunk Handles
Leather Handles
 Hinges,lidstays and rollers, bottom studs
 Hinges,lidstays and rollers, bottom studs
 Hinges,lidstays and rollers, bottom studs
Split rivets and screw posts for when nails won't work
Antique trunk nails
Trunk Tacks, nails
& rivets
Locks and Drawbolts
& keys
Hinges, Lid Stays, Bottom
Rollers & Studs
Antique trunk corners
Corner clamps and edge clamps
slat clamps, wood slat and metal edging
Ornamentation and embossed tin replacements
Slat clamps, Wood Slats, Metal
Corner Clamps and Edge
Leather straps, brown and black
Refinishers, stain, lacquer, Briwax
Antique trunk straps
Antique Trunk
-- How to
Refinishing tools, stains,
lacquer, cleaners
Leather Straps & Lid
Trunk tools
Cap style handle loops replacement hardware
Parts Kits for Trunk
Rub and  buff
metallic finish
Tapes &  lining paper,
shipping labels
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Ornamentation and embossed tin replacements
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Brush 'N Leaf
semi-metallic paint
Trunk Interior Tray
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