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RE: Columbia Phonograph

Dear Mr. Daniel:

We got the old Columbia Phonograph back about a week ago and I am still in shock over how good it looks and how well it plays.

Frankly, I had about decided to send it to the dump. But I just could not do that. This old phonograph has a lot of sentimental value to
it. It belonged to my grandparents who bought it about 1915. My dad, who was born in 1920 and is now gone, used to talk about it
being in the Parlor of the old farm home where he was raised. His sisters taught him to dance to music from the old Columbia

I could not believe what I saw when I opened the boxes from your shop. There was the old phonograph all shiny and looking as good
as, if not better than, the day it was new. The old horn shines like a new silver dollar and the case looks like brand new. No one could
ever tell it had been in a fire or badly water damaged.

And the sound quality is amazing too. We had to do some digging in some boxes in the basement and finally unearthed some of the
old Blue Bird records. They play beautifully.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference and tell any potential customers that they are more than welcome to contact me. And if
any of them come out to Maryland and want to hear an old record played on a better than new Columbia phonograph, I will be happy
for them to sit in our living room and listen as much as they want.

Sincerely yours,

J. Browning
Hello Gary,

The trunk arrived safely yesterday and you and your staff did a wonderful job on it inside and out.   I never thought it could
look that good.  It is the oldest trunk we have and also the best looking although I have been completely satisfied with all of
the other work you have done.  Please feel free to use pictures of any of the work you have done for me if it will enhance
your marketing effort.  You may also use my comments if they are helpful.  This is your third trunk for me and they just keep
getting better.  

Thank you so much.   

Perfect condition and a beautiful job,
thank you so much,
Hi,  I stand and just stare at the trunk.  Its still old,  you didn't take out the "age" of it. It looks like it just came off the Titanic.  
But its as sturdy and strong as a new trunk.  Something that I've never seen in my lifetime with this trunk around.  My
daughter and granddaughter (who will be the inheritor of this trunk) are equally amazed.  Because they've only seen it old,
falling apart, in the garage, etc.  You guys did a wonderful job on this trunk.  Its beautiful.  
Good to visit with you again.  I just wanted to take the time to tell you that I have really inspected the old Edison  Amberola -
30 in detail since I have returned home.  I want you to know how pleased I am with your work and your very intimate
attention to detail.  The old phonograph (can't hardly call it old anymore) is in excellent condition, both aesthetically and
mechanically, thanks to your effort.  The sound that it reproduces, is amazing.  I do not remember it ever sounding or
looking this good, all the while preserving the authenticity of the machine.

Gary, You are a true artisan, and do excellent work, and it is appreciated.  I would be willing to wager the old machine is in
better condition now than when new.  Please feel free to use me and/or this statement should you need me as an additional
business reference in the future.

N. Davis
Following your advice and suggestions, I am now through the teardown phase, through oiling the oak strips, and half-way
with re-plating the metal hardware.

Very happy with the brass tacks and etc. that you have so far sent this way.  Thanks for the rapid response.

During the course of the work so far, one fact has become very clear to me............the prices you charge for doing one of
these trunks, and doing it right,  is far TOO LITTLE, considering the work and time involved.  Especially, I have come to
agree with your philosophy of taking the trunks back to their approximate original condition, understanding that they will
never again be used for travel.  I shall nonetheless attempt to get it back to original materials, and avoid the art deco look of
paint and natural pine.

Other sites have been informative, but yours is the source for all true direction on these old items, and please feel free to
include this endorsement in your company testimonials.

I wish all of you there a Happy Season and a Joyful New Year.
James P.

A few months ago I ordered some supplies from your website in order to take on my first-time trunk restoration project.  The
"tips" page of your website was invaluable to me, and became the "instruction manual" I used throughout the project.  At one
point, I became "stuck" as I was unfamiliar with how to replace the rivets.  I called your 800 number and was immediately
helped by a very friendly staff member.  I cannot thank you guys enough for the help I received with this project.  I am a
woodworker, and have restored many pieces of wooden furniture... but this trunk was a whole new ballgame.  I think it
turned out extremely well for my first time, and I hope to do more in the future.

I have attached some pictures of the trunk before, in progress, and after restoration.  Your store played a part in this
undertaking, so I thought you may be interested to see the results.

Just thought you might be interested to see what your customers are up to.  Please feel free to offer any feedback or
suggestions for my future projects.  Thanks again for all the help!

W. Holby
Gary,  Just want to  tell you how much  Ron and I love our trunk. It is beautiful. We hope to get  another one   from  you  
Ron and  Dee
Gary...Received the trunk is perfect...I love the way you restored looks like it looked when it was
made...Thanks again.

I cannot believe what a wonderful job you have done.... Every last detail of my trunk seems to have been given your full
Your skill and hard work have made my trunk even more special and wonderful.

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Thanks again so much for the painstaking mechanical restoration of the VV 4-3 Victrola. Remarkable that after all these years,
that these machines can be made to play and have a reasonable sound.

Few have the good fortune of having brand new 78's (mine were in a box for over 75 years un-played!) But with these
records and the machine, I can easily understand how recorded music changed the country and how it was reflected back -
through the wider array of recordings.

The machine as restored is simply a marvel to look at, and the performance is so much better than we expected, as we
originally thought of the Victrola as something to look at and not really play. We no longer feel that way.

Your machine is not complete without a service and restoration call to Shenandoah Restoration.

A. Ziehr
Dear Gary,
The Calvert Woman's Club, sponsor of the Katy Hamman-Stricker Women's Heritage Center in Calvert, Texas, is so pleased
with the Columbia Graphophone and traveling record case you recently restored to perfection.   You did a wonderful job; you
brought back the ambiance of the period with your restoration.  When the music fills the building, it will be like being back in
1909.  The ladies of that period and we of the new period thank you so very much for attention to every detail including the
instructions.  You have put the finishing touches on our restoration of the only restored American Woman's League building in
Please use my endorsement as a reference and any potential customer may contact me.  

Cindy Delulio
Restoration Chair
Katy Hamman-Stricker Women's Heritage Center
Calvert, Texas
The trunk is PERFECT and I hope to surprise my brother with it this weekend.  I get many compliments on the first trunk you all
did and now as this one sits in my office, I have many admirers.

I am so glad I found your web site.  The best one, I came across.  You truly are a man of
your words, craftsmanship and I appreciate you  and your business so very much.
Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.  If I ever need another trunk restored, I will know
who to call first!!!    Take care.

C. Zinniger
Hi Gary,

We got the trunk today and have to say it looks fabulous!  You guys did a great job restoring it, we are very pleased.  Thank you
very much!

M.  Brehm

The trunk arrived safe and sound, I'm pleased to say...
It's lovely work and I am very pleased with it.  That old trunk has a lot of sentimental meaning for me, so I am glad to have it
looking good again.  Thanks!

George RR Martin,  Writer,   
Game of Thrones
Hi Gary.  I received the reproducer today and I just want to thank you.  It plays great!  What a difference!  When I first
purchased this windup, the sound was really tinny.  Well, now it almost sounds like high fidelity!  Just wanted to say thanks
for what you did.

Hello Gary,
Our trunk arrived & were we surprised! It is the most handsome trunk we have ever seen!!! I’m sure it looks better than it did
new!!! We are so very pleased & can’t thank you & your team enough for the beautiful work!!! It was worth the wait!!!


S. Chandler
I just unpacked the trunk.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  A lifetime family heirloom to enjoy.
Extremely exceeded my expectations on how the trunk would turn out.

Thank you so much. It will treasured by our family for years to come.
If anyone is looking to talk to a reference, you can give them our email.

The Amberola arrived this afternoon!  It's beautiful, and works good.  The wait was certainly worth it.
Dear Gary,
This is a belated email to say thanks to you for the amazing restoration you carried out on the Columbia Model BY Imperial. Not only does it look
factory-fresh, but it plays perfectly and the reproducer has been precisely adjusted to give (surprisingly) loud, clear reproduction. If you ever need to
quote me as a reference, please feel free.

Many thanks again for your wonderful work,
P. Watchorn
I received my victrola tone arm and sound box today and I am so grateful for the job y'all did. It now sounds phenomenal!

Thank you so much,

The records arrived today. Again, i offer my sincere thanks for your hard resto work. By the way, you are a packaging man after my
own heart.  I used to do a lot of international shipping and learned to secure things in the very manner that you also do. Much

If you prefer any kind of testimonials, I can certainly send one.

Hi Gary –
I received the trunk today.  We love it!  It is beautiful, and we appreciate all of thr work that your team did on it.  It is already
receiving complements in our home.  The colors, interior, and finishes are all spot-on and exceeded our already-high expectations.

I appreciate all of your help!  Thanks again and best regards,
Dear Gary

Thank you for shipping the items I ordered recently. The second package arrived this week. I'm looking forward to restoring my
grandmother's steamer chest which she brought to Australia at the beginning of last century from Scotland.

Your website is very inspiring and I hope my efforts look even half as good as the restoration projects shown there.

Kind regards
Gary,  Received the parts! Put it all back together.  Our Victrola sounds awesome!  Thank you so very much : )  It’s taking me
back in time to when I was a little girl!

Gary – just got the Orthophonic soundbox  yesterday and it sounds fantastic – thanks a bunch!

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your work.  The reproducer works beautifully now.  We were told by
several folks that it could not be repaired.  I am so glad I kept looking for a repair shop and found you.  I never imagine it would
come back to us looking as good as it did.  You are a true craftsman.  

Thank you again.  Pat B.
I have had a trunk restoration business for over twenty years, and fifty-seven trunks later, I'm happy to see more suppliers of trunk
parts.  I have received my order of trunk corner wheels today after ordering only three days ago.  Your company responded when
other companies could not.  You won my business and I look forward to doing business with you again.  Thank you for your

Hello Folks at Shenandoah Restoration,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my family grafonola parts.
We received the parts you restored and needles and we were playing records that evening. My 93 year old father listened over the
We have given your information to a couple of local people that restore these as well but do not have the expertise that you do.

Thank you again as this means so much to me.
Hello Gary!

I just wanted to let you know that the trunk arrived here just a little bit ago and I LOVE it sooo much!

Thank you so very much for the amazing job that you did on it!

Dear Gary,

The level and quality of restoration for my grandfather’s Thomas A. Edison, Amberola 30, cabinet model, that he gave to me and I
am now giving to my son and his new wife is outstanding.  You and your staff are true craftsmen, your level of skill  is a dying  art,
and even when you find it today, it is hard to find someone that takes true pride in their work.

For those of you who are apprehensive about sending something that is not replaceable to someone  for restoral, you can lay those
fears aside when you send your handed down treasure to Gary, he treats it like his own.

We have just returned from our son’s and daughter-in-law’s wedding where we gave them the phonograph.  You couldn’t of had
two more happy or excited people about this gift.  Putting  this in their living room and then playing the cylinders was something
very special. They have a large two story house with a finished basement that they are remodeling .   It is amazing  how much of the
house you can hear the Amberola in  when it is playing.

Once again Gary I would like to thank you for the quality restoration you did on my grandfather’s phonograph.  My son and I talked
about we are not a family that has a lot of things to pass down so this item was very special.