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Returns/refunds - You may return any item  for  any reason with in 45 days of  the date shipped for refund or
exchange.  All returns are subject to a 20% restocking  fee.   Returned items  have to be in the same condition as
when they were shipped to you, without damage or wear.  Items returned after 45 days are subject to our
discretion as to refunding, etc.

Deposits and payment for goods and services - Deposits  taken for service or restoration will be refunded
only to the extent of 50% of the actual deposit after 30 days from receipt of  same  deposit.

Deposits or payments made for  restoration work or goods and services, items for sale, internet sales  and other
purchases made with a personal check or bank check that is  returned for any reason unpaid will be charged a
$25.00 fee for processing and the item(s) will be held  until replacement funds are  received covering the check
and charges.

Delivery of  restored items - After any  restoration  or service project  shipped to us for same  is  completed,
we will contact the customer  via telephone or email using contact information given at the  time  we received the
project. This contact attempt is made for settling of the account and arranging  for shipment back to the
customer.  If we fail to  make contact we  will attempt to reach  the customer  a second time.  After  the second
failed  attempt to contact the customer  to settle  the account,  the restored or serviced  item is subject to public
sale  or disposition at our discretion without further notice.