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Trunks.  Buy as is from us and we will restore/refinish
them for you.
This flat top is sold to a customer in new york but we have many more just like it
Completely restored canvas covered flat top, interior artwork, tray, new canvas, leather
32" x 22" x 18"
                                    Sold  but we have more
Phone: 580-951-0234
Shenandoah Antique Restoration
Dealers and Restorers of Antique Trunks
Phone:  800-575-1960
                                   Free Trunks
"Free" with purchase of  full restoration. Yes we will give you the trunk of
your choice. It does not matter the condition they are currently in because we
will fully restore them.
Limited on availability.

Refer to our
"Before and After" page to see the possible outcome.

At their current condition they will be estimated as each trunk will have
different needs. You will pick the choice of color you want.

We currently have 3 trunks available for you to consider.
2 - Dome tops and 1- Flat top.

The Dome tops are medium size ---  both are 30" wide x 17" deep x 20" tall.
The Flat Top is 36" wide x 20" deep x 24" tall.           
You can now have a piece of History. These trunks are around a hundred
years old. They make a great storage place for precious lifetime
keepsakes, old photographs albums or even grandma's quilt.

Please call our toll free number 800-575-1960 for any questions or to
reserve your choice.
Refer to our "
Pricing for Antique Trunk Restoration by Shenandoah
Restoration" page for detailed restoration prices.
Dome  top
Dome  top