What we do to your Antique  trunk to  restore its original beauty
First we evaluate your trunk for type, style, age, damage, prior  restoration, rust, deterioration, etc. We can do
that either via photos, telephone, email, or face to face inspection if you are in the Nebraska /Iowa/ Missouri
/Oklahoma area.

After a decision is made about what is needing to be done to the trunk we will give  an estimate to restore your
trunk depending on your  tastes, our suggestions, your budget, etc.
Next we  will have your trunk  either shipped to us or pick it up.

From that point, depending on the extent of the restoration, we will clean up, remove odors, and either  repair
or replace parts too damaged or deteriorated to be used,  replace any missing parts with original style
replacements or as close to it as are obtainable.  Any structural wood damage will be reglued or rebuilt.  
Canvas covering will be re-painted or replaced, Embossed and plain tin covering will be replaced if necessary,  
or will be  made  rust  free, refinished, and be reinstalled.

Any interior prints, decorative tape, artwork, etc. that are damaged beyond use are  replaced with new and
installed later in the relining operation.

The exterior is then finished with colors of your choosing, all  wood slats are sanded, re-stained, and
re-varnished before  being  re-installed.

The interior is then relined along with any interior trays or compartments and interior artwork is installed.  
Relining is  done with paper. We can re-line your trunk with cedar  planking  for an extra charge.

Your restored trunk is then shipped or delivered to you to start a new life  as  an heirloom piece you are sure
to love.
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Photos of our work
How we  restore trunks
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Hints and procedures
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How to email us
Telephone:  1-800-575-1960
Before any restoration work
Disassembly of  trunk
Lid removed
Disassembly of lid
Wood slats refinished
Embosssed tin re-installed
Lid  finished
Bottom finished
Cedar installed
Paper relining in lid
Completed trunk
Jewelry box area
New tray under construction
Completed Trunk!