Phonograph spring motor repair
Cylinder record boxes
Reproducer  or soundbox repair
Welcome  to our before and after page  for Phonograph
restoration. Here we post pictures of our work with  full restoration
of Phonographs and Phonograph assemblies.

Pictured are table model phonographs, however we also  restore
floor model machines.
Check back often to see the updates as they are available.
Before and  after pictures of a beautiful Columbia BY   
Disc Graphophone  phonograph restored with new
nickel plating,  refinished  dark mahogany  case, new
felt on  turntable, Motor rebuild.
Columbia disc Grafophone restored and re-nickeled
We got the old Columbia Phonograph back
about a week ago and I am still in shock
over how good it looks and how well it
plays....... I could not believe what I saw
when I opened the boxes from your shop.
There was the old phonograph all shiny and
looking as good as, if not better than, the
day it was new.
Re-nickeled tone arm - rebuilt sound box
Rebuilt  tonearm and reproducer for aVictrola with new nickel plating, paint, and reproducer parts.
Columbia Grafophone cylinder machine, restored
Fully restored Columbia Graphophone cylinder
phonograph with repainted and striped horn,
rebuilt motor, refinished case
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Before and after pictures of  Columbia Graphophone parts that were Re-Plated with  Nickel  for a Full
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Before Re-Plating
After Re- Plating
A beautifully  restored Columbia BL
Graphophone by Shenandoah Restoration  
restored from  the ground up,  new nickel plating,  
restored  finish,  rebuilt motor and reproducer.
Victor Model R
Victor Model R Reproducer
Victor model R  - - before and after.  Horn
straightened & re-painted, Case finish  
restored, Motor and soundbox rebuilt.
Edison Standard before
Edison Standard  before
Edison Standard Complete
Edison Standard After
Edison Standard Phonograph
Edison Standard  Phonograph
Edison Standard  cylinder phonograph -  Completely restored with  2-4 minute  
rebuilt  motor, new mandrel,  and  both
C and H reproducers.
Rebuilt motor and Bedplate
Edison Standard   ----  2-4 minute
Click the pictures for an
enlarged  image
A Columbia Graphophone Type I restored for  the American Womans League chapter
house restoration in Calvert , Texas       circa 1910

These phonographs were used by the women at the
Womans League house to play the
records that were shipped from  chapter  to chapter in the case  below. We also restored
the case as shown.
Before restoration
After  Restoration
Graphophone and cas
"The Calvert Woman's Club, sponsor of the Katy Hamman-Stricker Women's Heritage
Center in Calvert, Texas, is so pleased with the Columbia Graphophone and traveling
back the ambiance of the period with your restoration.  When the music fills the building,
it will be like being back in 1909. The ladies of that period and we of the new period thank
you so very much for attention to every detail including the instructions.  You have put
the finishing touches on our restoration of the only restored American Woman's League
building in existence. "

Cindy Delulio
Restoration Chair
Katy Hamman-Stricker Women's Heritage Center
Calvert, Texas
Columbia  Model  AT   Graphophone  
motor and upper works completely
restored and rebuilt.   New paint and
Before being restored
Columbia AT Graphophone
The Pathe - - Model 12 Project
A Complete Restoration
This phonograph was in pieces when  shipped
to us  with  badly warped cabinet panels and
rotted  wood in places.     The quarter sawn oak  
case was  re- constructed and finished along
with  the mechanical  components being  re-built.
Before  weeks of restoration  work to  put the Pathe Model 12 back  into playable
Columbia BII  Graphophone with  Oak "Music Master" horn
Full restoration
The solid oak horn was  
restored by
Sights and
Sounds of Edison, Milan,
3 Spring Motor and  
reproducer  were rebuilt,  
all nickel  replated, and
Oak case was refinished
by Shenandoah Rest.
Before pics of the above Columbia BII Graphophone
Below is another  Columbia BY Disc Graphophone restored   by
Shenandoah Restoration
Before pictures
After pictures
Before Motor  rebuild,  new
nickel plating,  mahogany
case  refinished,  new  
decals,  polished horn, new  
turntable felt,  rebuilt
Before restoration pictures of an Edison Home phonograph with  
Cygnet  10 panel horn. The lid had  damage, the horn elbow was
missing and the  phonograph was  in generally  aged condition.
After  restoration with  refinished case,  new  motor  
Edison  made this phonograph for only 2 months, Nov. 1907 - Jan. 1908 before the name
was changed to Idealia.  The copper  oxidized upper works and mahogany case make it
very beautiful.
Before  restoration
After restoration with new copper oxidized  finish,  case  refinish,  motor and upper   rebuild,  
new 11 panel cygnet horn and crane.
Phonograph spring motor repair
Cylinder record boxes
Reproducer  or soundbox repair
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