Welcome to Shenandoah Restoration Phonograph Repair and Restoration.

We   Restore   and  Repair Antique Phonographs...Disc  or Cylinder machines,   Victrola,
Gramophone, Graphophone,  Edison, Victor, Brunswick, Columbia, Silvertone,  Pathe,  Sonora,
Cheney and many others.

We also do Spring motor repair, motor cleaning and oiling,  case refinishing, reproducer rebuilding,  & governor

Your Antique Phonograph is disassembled, cleaned, oiled, repairs done  to the spring motor, reproducer,
turntable,  horn, etc.  If needed.

All Nickel plated or brass parts are re-plated or buffed to a shine.

The case is refinished, any re-painting for metal parts is done

Turntable is re-covered with new felt if necessary,  and all mechanical parts are  re-installed, tested, and

Your Antique Phonograph will be restored to original beauty and play those  78 RPM records like it did when it
was new!!!

View our before/after page for examples of our work

Case  refnishing  pricing varies - Please call us at 800-575-1960 or  580-951-0234

Contact us via email  for information and pricing about  restoration and refinishing of antique phonographs

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Phonograph spring motor repair
Cylinder record boxes
Reproducer  or soundbox repair
Does your Victrola play correctly?                            Click here to go
to our   Phonograph Spring Motor, Reproducer, & Governor Repair page
Visit our before/after page for
more examples of our work!!
Columbia Grafophone cylinder machine, restored
Fully restored Columbia Grafophone cylinder
phonograph with repainted and striped horn, rebuilt
motor, refinished case
Do you have a Victor Talking Machine company  Phonograph??  Click
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Phonograph Spring and Governor Repair Service
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Call us for parts,
we have access to original parts, new parts,
needles,  reproducers, turntables, motor
parts     1-800-575-1960
Phonograph needles

Victor Orthophonic Soundbox Repair

Victor Orthophonic Tonearm  support  repair

Phonograph Motor repair

New  Turn Table  Felt Service

Edison Diamond Disc repair

Record sleeves and boxes
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Shenandoah Restoration  had the privilege  of being  involved in the
Jack Daniel's Distillery 150th Anniversary ---- Barrel Hunt
in Lynchburg, TN on July1, 2016
The Event was  the kick off of  the Global Barrel Hunt in the USA
Lynchburg, TN    Town Square
Filming of  the event after the barrel  was  

An Edison Triumph cylinder phonograph
was used to furnish period music for the
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