Spring Motor Repair
Most spring motor problems can be traced to broken
main springs, dirty hardened grease in the springs,  and
broken speed governor parts.

When we clean, rebuild, and grease your spring motor
we check each component for wear, abuse, breakage,
etc. Broken springs are replaced, bearings, gears, and
shafts are checked for wear.   New parts are installed
and greased, then the motor is tested for operation and
set for  proper speed.   All work is  guaranteed.

Motor rebuild, cleaning, main spring replacement,
greasing, oiling,  & adjustment:
1 and 2 spring motors -  
3 and 4 spring motors -  

(Fee includes 1 new main spring)
Additional springs  are
$48.00 each
All parts are cleaned and
Cleaned, greased, &  
re-assembled motor
Spring barrels removed with  
springs still inside
Springs released  (do not  
try this at home)
Phonograph Governor
Victrola Governor, 3 spring
3 weight governor  assembly
2 weight governor with broken springs
Rebuilt Spring motor
The governor  controls the speed of
your phonograph  and maintains 78
RPM.   Springs  sometimes will  
break and throw off  weights. We
can clean, repair & adjust  the
governor in your phonograph while
we have it for motor cleaning and
spring maintenance.

Governor repair
$30.00 plus parts
Rebuilt governor installed in frame
Victor #2 soundbox
Victor No. 2 Reproducer
Victor Orthophonic
Brunswick Reproducer
After 80 - 100 years your Reproducer  (sound box)  probably  needs to be rebuilt and needs
new gaskets, springs, diaphragm , needlebar, etc. Most often gaskets  just have hardened and
need to be replaced.
Most  models  - Victor, Columbia, Brunswick, Edison,  Victor
& Cylinder Player reproducers - -                           $60.00     plus parts

Orthophonic reproducer
Victor Orthophonic rebuild - -                           $128.00     plus parts

New Nickel Orthophonic soundbox  face, back,
and  ring  - complete
-                                                             $185.00    

New Gold  Orthophonic soundbox   as  above --                        $205.00
(above  requires  your old soundbox be shipped in so that we can remove the needlebar and  
bearing covers for re-use.)

Orthophonic  Spider  re-attachment  -                         $25.00
Orthophonic  Diaphragm -

Orthophonic Diaphragm and Gaskets set -    
Please call  800-575-1960 for  purchase
Edison diamond disc Reproducer
New  diaphragm and  rubber gaskets
for improved  sound quality
Old rice paper diaphragm
and gaskets
Edison diamond disc Reproducer rebuild: We inspect the diamond stylus, replace the  rice
paper /cork diaphragm, install new gaskets,   & adjust and set up properly.
Edison Diamond Disc Reproducer Rebuild - -                   $60.00 Plus Parts
New Diamond Stylus and bar - -                                      $165.00 extra
Diaphragm  and gaskets  - -                                                 $35.00
New hinge spring         - -                                                    $5.00

Call  1-800-575-1960 for information
Replacement Wood Grills for Edison and many other  phonographs
Email or phone in your brand and model of phonograph along with
dimensions and wood species and we can furnish a new Grill to fit.
Carefully hand crafted from the best wood veneers. All veneer grills are
sanded and ready for you to finish.  The sheet metal grills are wood grained,
and are ready to install.

Many have grill cloth  included.
Prices vary -  $90.00 and up.

please call
1-800-575-1960                       or  email
Victor Orthophonic Tone Arm Support
Victor orthophonic tone arm support
Replacement  is available in cast metal --will not  
crack or  crumble.

Please send your old casting, base, and tonearm to
us  for installation.

$155.00  - Complete, Assembled on to your tonearm
and Painted black.
Is your Columbia
Grafonola Tone Arm
swivel elbow broken like
Columbia Grafonola
Tone Arm Elbow
Columbia tone arm support
We now offer the replacement Columbia Grafonola Tone arm elbow
Casted in brass, will not break or crumble  -  Nickel plated
Gold Plated also available
$135.00 - -  Nickel plated, installed on your tonearm.
Have your Phonograph  turntable  covered in new
felt,   While we have your motor  for service.          
Green,  Brown, or
Orange color

$25.00 / any Turntable
Phonograph needles:
Loud volume  - $7.00                  
per 100
Soft volume  - $7.00
per  100
78 RPM record sleeves, 10" and 12"
10 Inch / each  - 75 cents
Acid-Free White Paper
10" or 12" Sleeve - strong, rugged, 28
lb. heavy paper sleeve for 78s and LPs

10" - 75 cents each
10"  10 Qty - $7.25

12" - 90 cents each
12" 10 Qty - $8.75
10 Inch /10 Qty  - $7.25
12 Inch / each  - 90 cents
12 Inch /10 Qty  - $8.75
Ask us about  brake repair,  speed control  repair,  and Repair Parts for the
Do -it -Yourselfer!!

Call - 1-800-575-1960
Our  shipping address:
Shenandoah Restoration
559 SW Belmont Ave
Lawton, OK 73501
Phone:    1-800-575-1960
Email:   info@shenandoahrestoration.com
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Victrola Phonograph motor and reproducer repair
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We can also repair a broken  Columbia Grafonola Tone Arm
by installing a completely new  Elbow joint  insert.  
The old  broken pot metal post is completely machined off of the tone arm and a new  post is
inserted in  place of it.  Ready to be assembled into the  elbow.

Installed into your tonearm  - -         $128.00
Please ship the tone arm  
and elbow for proper installation.
Columbia Grafonola
Tone Arm  Repair
Edison signatures, Banners,  Bedplate  edging, and Horn Decals  
Victrola  lid decals, Back Bracket stripes, Horn Decals,  
Columbia Graphophone and Grafonola Decals
Zon-o-phone Decals
Reginaphone Decals
Prices vary, please call for pricing.               1-800-575-1960
We now have Edison, Victor, Columbia and many others Case and horn  
.  For  the finishing touch to your restoration work.   
New Orthophonic reproducer
New Orthophonic repro
New Nickel
New Gold
Edison and Columbia cylinder phonograph restoration and repair
Motor complete  rebuild, cleaning, main spring replacement, greasing, oiling,  & adjustment:
1 and 2 spring motor rebuild -- - $280.00
3 and 4 spring motors -- -          $310.00

Cylinder phonograph upper bedplate rebuild - $125
Paint and re-stripe bedplate                - -        $145.00

Complete Morning Glory Horn  Crane kit    -     $110.00

45 deg nickel reproducer elbow    - -        $6.00
Case restoration/refinishing - -                 $210.00 and  up   (Call us for Pricing)
Horn painting &  Striping   - -     Small -   $85.00  
Morning Glory Horn  re-painting      - -     $185.00 and up
Edison Diamond Disk reproducer  rebuild
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Cylinder Record Boxes
Edison cylinder machine reproducer  Rebuild - - Model C, H, or K, etc.
Edison model C, H, K etc. rebuild -
Diaphragm and Gaskets -

New Stylus -

Pivot Hinge block -
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wood grained horn, Oak
wood grained horn, Oak
Metal horn woodgraining service for Edison and Victor horns
Have your Horn wood grained like new and new  decals added.
Quarter  sawn oak wood graining  on metal 10 panel Edison
Cygnet horn.   We  also will do Mahogany woodgraining
Prices  vary, please  call for a
quote -- 800-575-1960
Reproducer  Repair -----for any make or model  
Phone:    1-800-575-1960 /     580-951-0234
Email:   info@shenandoahrestoration.com
Mahogany woodgraining
loose damaged  lid  veneer
finished lid and Edison Home Phono
lid  being  re-veneered
At Shenandoah Restoration we have  the capability to  completely  re-veneer the lids of
Edison cylinder phonographs .    Don't discard the lid because of loose  veneer,  we  can repair
and  restore it.
Damaged veneer on  the lid is  removed and  new  veneer is  
installed and the lid  glued back together.
Completely new   veneer and
finishing work on Edison lid
lid being  repaired