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Furniture Hardware
Knobs                                                        Victorian Style Hardware
Pulls                                                         Eastlake Style Hardware
Keyhole  covers
Trunk Hardware
Handle Loops                                        Slat Clamps
Edge Clamps                                           Edge Banding
Embossed tin                                          Ornamentation
Leather Buckle straps                        Hinges
Locks                                                       Corners
Trunk Slats                                            Trunk Nails and Rivets
Drawbolts                                              Steel Handles                       
Bottom Rollers                                     Lid Stays
Leather  Handles                                  Bottom  Studs

Refinishing tools and Chemicals
Briwax products                                   Scratch remover
Lacquer                                                   Kotton Klenser
Brushes                                                   Paint and Varnish remover
Instructional books                           Glue, epoxy, hotmelt
Instant Adhesives                                 Brass darkening solution
fill Sticks                                               Sand paper

Antique Telephone Parts                                                    
Name plates                               Receivers
Receiver caps                            Complete Arm kits     
Mouthpieces                               Cord
Face plates                                Receiver hooks
Arm Mounts                                Bells and mounts
arms                                             cranks

Lamp parts, electrical,& Oil,
Crystal prisms                          Galleries
sockets, plugs                          Flame spreaders
Burners, collars                     
Filler Plugs & caps           

Hoosier, Boone, Sellers, McDougall, Napanee,-
Kitchen cabinet Hardware

Icebox, & Pie safe hardware                    Click below  for  each Brand
Sub Zero Refrig. panel latches
Knobs, pulls                             Latches                                 Hoosier
Catches                                     Books                                     Boone
Nameplates                               Hinges                                     Mcdougall
Door cards                              Door racks                          Sellers
Spice Racks  &jars                  Mounting Brackets            Napanee
sugar Jars                                Bread Drawers                   Wilson
Flour Bins                                Oak Tambours                     
Spice containers
Ant traps                                   Storage Racks                    worktops
Pattern punched tin               unpunched tin                      Upper  Door Racks                  

Books and Manuals
Furniture Restoration
Hoosier cabinets
Trunk Restoration
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Hoosier style kitchen cabinet hardware, knobs, pulls, latches, bread drawers, flour bins
Trunk restoration hardware, handles, loops, slats, clamps, locks, hinges
Rub & buff Metallic finish
Milk paint
Howard's Products
Order our New, 110 page catalog  and price list.
Complete listing of:  furniture, Hoosier cabinet,
Trunk, Telephone, Chair  caning, Wood parts and
Veneer,  & Oil lamp Hardware.  Refinishing aids,
supplies, and chemicals.  
$7.00 each or Free with a $75.00 order (when
Caning and Weaving  Supplies
Wicker  repair
Four Rail seats
Chair Caning
Pre-Woven cane
Caning and weaving books
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