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Shenandoah Antique Restoration either owns the intellectual property rights in the underlying
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on this website. Except as provided in these Terms, Shenandoah Antique Restoration prohibits the
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Nothing contained on this website should be construed as granting, by implication, or otherwise, any
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Shenandoah Antique Restoration may have (hypertext) links to other unaffiliated websites on this
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reserves the right to cancel or modify any such promotion at any time and without notice. We do not
take any responsibility for any problems a client might encounter with another business linked  from
this website.

Our  rights
Shenandoah Antique Restoration has the right to remove any banners, text, images or external links of
our clients that are on Shenandoah Antique Restoration if we feel that they have not  followed the
"Terms & Conditions".  
Shenandoah Antique Restoration may notify the client on this matter depending on which rules have
been broken under our "Terms".

Privacy policy
Any information that you submit to this website,  for example: email, name, address, phone number,  will
not be passed on to any other companies or businesses in any way. Such information might be used for
our express use only for follow up of inquiries or newsletter mailings.  If such information is used for
these purposes and you wish to be excluded  from  further mailings you have to right to request to be
removed  from any list of addresses or information on our system.
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