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Wicker  Repair
Part #
A-0078                             $3.25 each

Basic Wicker  repair manual
Identifies materials and basic repair plus
14 pages, softbound
Part #
A-0081                           $29.95 each

How to buy and restore wicker manual
Includes 35 common repairs, finishing,  
and how to buy wicker
166 pages, 190 photos
Part #
W1-6268                      $3.22 each

Beehive hardwood  bead
For the bottom of Victorian wicker furniture
5/8" x 5/8"
Part #
W1-6260                      $1.50  each

Oval hardwood  bead
For  Victorian wicker furniture
3/4" x  1/2" x 5/32" hole
Part #
W1-6264                      $2.50 each

Round hardwood  bead
For  Victorian wicker furniture
5/8" x 3/16" hole
Part #
R-7202                     $17.20 each

Round reed
1 pound per coil
Sizes available: 1/16", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8",
11/64", 3/16", 15/64", 1/4", & 5/16" diameter
Specify Diameter at right.
Part #
R-7232                     $20.99 each

Half round reed
Sold  coiled -
Sizes available:  1/8"/ 500 ft., 1/4"/250 ft., &
3/8"/50ft. width
Specify width at right.
6 feet  average  length per strand
Part #
R-7410                     $1.50/ foot

Rattan braid
Sold  by the  foot
Specify width at right
Sizes available:  
3/4" wide, 3 strand
1" wide, 4 strand
1-1/2" wide,  6 strand
Part #
MH-7325                     $6.50/ Pound

Fiber Rush, wire  reinforced
5/32" diameter,  kraft brown

Ideal for  wicker  repair

150 feet  per pound
Sold by the pound
Specify pounds ordered
Part #
MH-7335                     $3.94/ Lot

Fiber Rush, 19 ga. wire  reinforced
5/32" diameter,  kraft brown

Use for structural member  in wicker  repair.

Sold in 25 foot lots
Four Rail seat
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