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A-0095                                  $9.50

The Successful Restoration Shop
by Thomas Duncan An expert shares his ideas for
developing a profitable business in wicker
restoration and seat weaving. Softbound, 20 pages.
Phone:     800-575-1960
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A-0033                                  $18.95

The Caner's Handbook
by Bruce W. Miller & Jim Widess A descriptive
guide with Step-by step Photographs to Restoring
Cane, Rush, Splint, Danish Cord, Rawhide, and
Wicker Furniture. Softbound, 143 pages
Part #                                                       
A-0078                                 $3.25

Basic Wicker Repair and Maintenance
by K.C. Parkinson The author identifies common wicker
materials and offers basic instructions in repair plus
helpful instruction on the maintenance of wicker. This
booklet also includes detailed instructions on replacing
prewoven cane webing in seats. Softbound, 14 pages.
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The Caning and Weaving  area is  divided in to 4  sections:
Wicker  repair
Four Rail seats
Chair Caning
Pre-Woven cane